Steve on TV 2023

Financial Focus KTNV13, Steve touches on student loans and where you can look to put your money to work

Check out what Steve has to say about the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank on KTNV 13

Listen in with Steve as he breaks down what happened with recent bank failures.

Steve gives his input about a potential new bill cosponsored by Catherine Cortez Masto after recent bank failures.

Best practices and tips for preparing for retirement in today's economy. See what Steve has to say on KTNV13.

Steve touches on increasing credit card interest rates, and how it can effect you.

Steve gives insight on what to expect with this year's tax season, and what to know if you need an extension and penalties you could face.

Steve explains the Nation's debt ceiling borrowing limit, and what it means for you.

Listen in with KTNV13 for current issues about inflation, and what Steve has to say about concerns of the future.

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